Redeliver involves storing the container overnight at a facility in the event that the shipper was not able to finish loading everything in time. Typically, a trucker picks up an empty container and goes to the container loading point, be it a residential or business address. There, the driver will wait for as long as it takes for the shipper to load the container. Trucking companies normally offer two free loading hours.

Depending on the location of the terminal, the trucker may need additional time to deliver the container back to the terminal. Drivers have to adhere to the opening hours of the terminal. They’re not open 24 hours. Some close at 3pm, some at 5pm. It varies. If the shipper takes too long to load the container, the driver may have to stop the loading process, store the container for one night and then redeliver it the next day so the shipper may finish loading.

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